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EHCP / Tribunal Work

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ASD Assessment Integration and EHCP Expertise

I have a particular interest in incorporating the findings from an ASD assessment into an EHCP, including the differing presentation in girls and also the demand-avoidant profile. I have an awareness of the importance of accurate wording within EHCP paperwork to enable appropriate decisions to be made by those within the Local Authority.


Efficient Paperwork for Timely SEN Resolution

I have found, on many occasions, that accurate paperwork can result in parents not needing to appeal decisions, and ultimately results in the child or young person receiving the support and educational environment required sooner to meet their Special Educational Needs (SEN). This is particularly important at the moment due to the long waiting times for tribunal hearings. 

My experience

During many years working for the NHS and Local Authority I have had extensive experience contributing to Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and also as an expert witness for tribunals. In addition, I have experience of participating in governance panel decisions for the Local Authority to determine request to assess and / or issue EHCPs.

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